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It’s my view about how our government including the Civil Service are failing the public by ignoring the values that we should all share in line with our Democratic philosophy.

Exposing Hypocrisy & Injustice passed down to the public from individuals paid to preserve our Democracy in a fair and just manner.

Public Cost to monitor M.P.s

Amount required in the year ending 31 March 2019 for expenditure by Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority amounted to £196,070,000

Reference link: https://www.theipsa.org.uk/media/184786/ccs207_ccs0418341158-1_ipsa-2018-19-main-estimate_web.pdf

Member of the European Parliament (MEP)

There are 29 MEPs each paid £5,919.37 per month from the public purse. This equates to a total annual sum of £2,059,940.70 per year.

Considering that MEPs will not participate in E.U. business it seems reasonable to suggest that the British public is wasting £2,059,940.70. I can already hear the Westminster politicians claiming the sum is nothing in the overall scheme of things, but that £2m is from hard earned British taxes and every penny counts!

Are Our Politicians Earning their Pay?

What are politicians currently achieving that benefits all taxpayers and their families?

Are politicians value for money?

These are just some of the questions the public need answered.

Would the United Kingdom be better off as a Republic?

  1. A Republic is a form of government designed to empower all of the public.
    1. Power is not inherited.
    1. Power is given through democracy, oligarchy or autocracy.
    1. The head of state is not a hereditary monarch.

The United Kingdom as a Republic would need a fresh constitution that preferably follows a rule of law that should include a separation of powers with an elected head of state as is the case with the United States of America (USA). This form of government is referred to as a Constitutional Republic or Representative Democracy.

How would a Republic benefit the United Kingdom better than the current system?

  • Hereditary privilege would no longer exist. The House of Lords would cease to exist with Peers no longer being paid £300 per day even if they remain for just 5 minutes.
  • The monarchy would be disbanded ending their high cost on the public purse
  • A strong social move towards equality for all
  • Politicians would reflect a greater proportion of the general public

If you have a view about this type of change of government please comment.

Disingenuous rhetoric

The political world in 2019 is so full of disingenuous rhetoric the public can only look on amazed how politicians have developed a new language that only they are able to interpret. Saying one thing while blatantly doing another is the new form of political speak that the public is struggling with. It is now so prevalent that anywhere a politician has an opportunity to address the public the need for a political interpreter looks certain to be a necessity for all interested in what’s truly being said.

An English Civil War without the Roundheads

What is going on? Both the Conservatives and Labour appear to be falling apart while their public supporters can only spectate in utter confusion and frustration. A civil war is taking place in front of our eyes fought with heated words not weapons. Discipline has all but ceased to exist with previously loyal incumbents deserting their ranks as the values once proudly held are exchanged for harsher, less accommodating philosophies. Is this a new world order and if it is are the public staring down a gun barrel with our fingers in our ears?

It appears that Brexit triggered the rise of extremism. Previously such factions were contained by a more flexible and larger opinion, but something has happened to drown the flexibility that once existed and replace it with hard-line views that do not reflect the British public. What is becoming clear is that the hard-liners have established themselves in both parties and were looking around for a trigger. Along came Brexit.

The struggle for power inside the two major parties will get much worse before it gets better. What the public needs to appreciate is that democracy is under threat. If extremists in either camp snatch power the likelihood that the public will be the ones to suffer is inevitable. What cannot be allowed to happen is the public not to defend our democracy through freedom of speech. It will be one of the first targets of any new power and as we’re already witnessing with some of the latest Political Correctness protocols – speaking the truth may be frowned upon by the authorities to a point that makes it criminal. George Orwell’s 1984 and Big Brother cannot help but come to mind.

Should either extremist faction win it will ultimately prove divisive and split the country to breaking point. Anyone who believes such an event could not happen please explain how the current chaos at Westminster will ever return to normal with the Conservatives and Labour once again sharing the values of their founders instead of something that none of us have ever witnessed. i.e. extreme right- or left-wing politics?

My Former Government Employer Empowered Me

Everyone has a story to tell. Life is a journey of experiences. Mine will be comparable with others and it’s those with whom I wish to connect. I want to build a network of former and current government and non-government employees who understand the sometimes biased and abusive management public servants and others are sometimes forced to confront. My experiences suggest this to be hardest when trying to expose wrongdoing by line or senior management. The way in which our civil service system operates allows for senior figures to be free of accountability. An inner circle closes ranks around wrongdoers preventing them from facing legal investigation and court. This is also true of many professions outside of government in which closing ranks is an expected response to internal subordinate complaints. Worryingly, this inner circle includes many of the organisations intended to address complaints and I will provide credible documentary evidence of cover-ups by them when I attempted to complain about abuse in the government department that I was employed for 28 years.

I never intended to be a whistle blower but after more than ten years of struggle following the rules as laid down down by government it is obvious that I have been artificially delayed to avoid legal timescales and overall misled by those in positions of authority that I might once have trusted. Their actions are a blatant betrayal of my trust.

— Disenfranchised101.

Bullying in any government arena in which the reliance of employees is dependent only on fairness and justice as interpreted by senior management isn’t good enough. Subordinate staff with no access to an unbiased independent Employee Support body can and does suffer abuse and bullying. Currently there is no one standing up to defend them because the government suppresses genuine complaints with legal threats and by doing so, allows abuse to continue unabated. Their complicity in denying fairness and justice in the workplace stretches to incidents including theft, sexual assault, stalking, massive incompetence and denial of medical retirement awards out of malice. The need for accountability and transparency in employment arenas that until now have remained hidden from public scrutiny cannot come too soon.

If you have experienced something similar you can remain anonymous and simply state what happened to you.

Additionally, please sign my petition Against State Sponsored Abuse of Staff. Anyone who has been employed in government without the support of a Union or Federation will know how futile it is to complain about abuse by line and senior managers. They will also appreciate that there is no genuine independent unbiased body or individual in authority willing to help them. Legal redress can prove cost prohibitive, especially in Northern Ireland where the ‘no win no fee’ process is banned. Please use the link below to connect with my campaign for accountability by all Public Services in relation to employee/employer relations. Abuse of staff must be prevented otherwise new recruits will only discover their predicament after it is too late.



Why has the public become so reliant on Investigative Journalists exposing wrongdoing within government or public services? What is that telling us? It should be raising a red flag for the public to be very concerned because it is public belief and expectation that each government department has its own monitoring regime. The fact is that government self-monitoring regimes do not work because they are biased against complainants who point the finger at a line or senior manager. It seems that the default for any accusations against senior staff is to denigrate the subordinate complainant (often the victim) or, ignore their complaint completely. No one in senior management has the time to listen because they don’t want to change things for the better. Protecting against change and thereby being complicit in wrongdoing is a corruption and total disregard of the responsibilities of senior management. There should be an expectation of a duty-of-care by an employer in such circumstances but again that is forgotten. Until this type of corruption is eradicated fairness, justice and equality will never be provided to those with a reasonable complaint.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Published by disenfranchised101

41 years in Public Service and totally disillusioned.

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  1. Just when I thought I’d heard the end of MPs fiddling their expenses another pops up!
    The Conservative MP Christopher Davies was found guilty of submitting fake expenses invoices for £700 of landscape photographs to decorate his office. Under the recall process he could lose his parliamentary seat. What is up with these people, is it really too tempting to dip their sticky fingers into the public pot for their own purposes. That’s our hard-earned cash they’re taking the same as if they reached into your pocket or purse and take what cash they find. (The Guardian 23 April 2019)
    The trouble is it’s not just Members of Parliament who find the temptation too great. In my experience senior civil servants are as bad if not worse because of very poor accountability. Also, when a subordinate tries to expose them, they suppress them by making them appear as if they’re the bad ones acting out of malice! It happened to me and I haven’t stopped complaining about it for more than ten years! I get called a disgruntled former employee but they’re being kind, I’m way beyond disgruntled! I lost badly as a consequence of exposing wrongdoing and incompetence by my line management on two occasions. If our society is to prosper those in authority have got to be accountable, and that means all of them!


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