Initially she fooled everyone.

You have to hand it to David Cameron after the EU referendum in 2016 he fully appreciated that the challenge before him was beyond his capabilities. He was after all just a very good PR man, but on this occasion, he failed to sell the product i.e. the EU to the general public. He must have been horrified by the prospect of leading a government out of the EU, not only because he had claimed to his foreign peers that the U.K. would support remaining in their club, but also because it was the first real loss whilst in government that he had suffered. The public were beginning to realise that he rarely spoke the truth. Granted it had taken them more than six years for that particular penny to drop, but when it did it sounded like Saint Paul’s Cathedral in full bong.

Can you imagine the toing and froing that must have gone on between Cameron and all the other senior souls in the Conservative party when he told them that he wanted to stand down! Especially as prior to the referendum he had stated to the country that whatever the result he would see it through as Prime Minister. Oh, to have been a fly on that wall!

Finding a replacement required a search for an individual with the arrogance to believe they could achieve a BREXIT without actually leaving the EU. Pretending, and not for the first time, to the public that the government was determined to adhere to the democratic referendum while making every effort to ensure that did not happen. The individual required had to be very special indeed because like Cameron, they had to project an imaginary representation of a leader fully in control who possessed the necessary innovative and negotiating skills to put the U.K. first. Something that had not been done by the political elite for decades. Little wonder May found it so hard. However, that’s getting a little ahead of events.

Cameron needed to ‘jump ship’ if he was to keep any vestige of a reputation for helping bring the economy that had been broken by the bankers (not the Labour party), back into line. Additionally, the bankers have never paid back the huge sum of money paid to prop them up by the British people. They have paid some and returned some through mechanisms such as PPI, but its peanuts compared to the amount Gordon Brown handed them to save themselves. Ignoring his promise to remain as Prime Minister no matter the result of the referendum was easily done by Cameron because by 2016, he had reneged on so many promises that another was barely noticeable. By then lying might have appeared as an addiction.

The search for a potential replacement must have appeared fraught with all kinds of obstacles, the most obvious being that the Conservative party was divided. With the smartest members appreciating that the party powerful did not necessarily want the outcome presented by the referendum. Europe wanted to become a Federation and British politicians saw themselves vying for some highly paid jobs in that particular circus. The referendum had pulled the rug from under them. It meant that the political elite needed someone who wanted the power granted by Premiership at any cost. Someone who once ensconced would cling on for dear life while giving the impression of following the 2016 referendum without actually leaving the EU, even if it meant handing over the UKs sovereign rights while entering into a repayment formula that handed over £bns. Enter Theresa May.

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