Latest UK Government Corruption and Incompetency Scandals for 2019.

How much you pay for them to get it wrong!


Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in any government arena in which the reliance of employees is dependent only on fairness and justice as interpreted by senior management isn’t good enough. Subordinate staff with no access to an unbiased independent Employee Support body can and do suffer abuse and bullying. Currently there is no one standing up to defend them because the government suppresses genuine complaints with legal threats and by doing so, allows abuse to continue unabated. Their complicity in denying fairness and justice in the workplace stretches to incidents including theft, sexual assault, stalking, massive incompetence and denial of medical retirement awards out of malice. The need for accountability and transparency in employment arenas that until now have remained hidden from public scrutiny cannot come too soon.

If you have experienced something similar you can remain anonymous and simply state what happened to you. I have started a campaign to challenge the failure of senior management in the Civil Service and other arenas in which no Union or Federation has a presence, leaving subordinate staff at the mercy of an unpredictable senior management. If you agree with me please use the link below to sign the petition.


UK childcare policies failing poor families

Is the U.K. government following a philosophy of dumbing down the poorest in our society as a way of suppressing future challenges to the authority of the Establishment? Attacking the education of the youngest and poorest in society is a known doctrine to make future populations more manageable.

Before pooh poohing the idea just look at what has been happening since 2010 to the present day using the reports linked below. Governments work on long-term strategies after they identify potential problems and thereby defend against it happening. Since 2010, after the Conservatives came to power the education system was one of the first arenas to come under attack.

Between May 2010 and July 2014 Michael Gove:

  1. In February 2011 a judicial review considered Gove had acted unlawfully by axing Building Schools for the Future (BSF) in six local authority areas;
  2. In March 2011 was criticised for misrepresenting the cost of school architecture. He told Parliament inaccurately that one adviser had made £1m, rather than the true figure of £700,000 for five advisers over a five-year period.
  3. In June 2011 Gove was criticised for his “ignorance of science”.
  4. In June 2012 leaked plans to scrap the GCSE exams by Gove were made public by the Daily Mail. Additionally, highly contentious plans by Gove to create a single exam board to maintain all exams while scrapping the National Curriculum was yet another measure he intended to take without consultation.
  5. In March 2013, 100 academics wrote an open letter that heavily criticised Gove’s curriculum because in their opinion it focused on recalling facts and rules rather than understanding their meaning.
  6. In October 2013 a letter signed by prominent individuals wrote to The Times condemning Gove’s reforms. Their concern stated “enormous” negative risks posed to the education of children.

Reference: The Guardian 27/1/2016  /  Huffington Post 2/10/2018 / Human Rights Watch 20/5/2019   /


The victims of the most damaging treatment disaster applied by the NHS recoiled at the scale of compensation offered by government unveiled at the beginning of the Inquiry into the contamination of blood.

To appreciate what occurred it is necessary to understand the scale of the issue. Literally thousands of patients were infected with HIV and hepatitis C over the 1970s and 1980s. An estimate of the total number of deaths as a consequence of the contamination has not yet been calculated. However, to date, government has offered below £900 per person. It is believed this will be increased after the Inquiry reaches its conclusions.

The measly offer is yet another example of the government’s contemptuous attitude towards the public and the value that it places on an individual’s life.

Latest update on the Inquiry 27 June 2019 Newsletter – Also contact details

Reference: The Mirror 30 April 2019

Infected Blood Inquiry


£10m of taxpayers’ money wasted because of poor transportation management over expelled immigrants.

Why do civil servants not act sooner to stop public money being wasted? Why does it take years not months or weeks for such obvious waste not to be highlighted by public servants?

Management incompetence is clearly visible: “the idea that they ate booking flights and then having to pay when they don’t go on them is ludicrous.”

How many times is the public expected to meet the ridiculous costs because of the inept handling of straightforward transportation arrangements?

Surely it is obvious to even a child that numerous bookings need to be negotiated with airlines. Isn’t that why civil service managers exist? A very serious lack of management displayed here that has cost the taxpayer £10m!

Reference: Express 1 July 2019


Would a 2019 version of the English Civil War appear like this?
Can Boris Johnson force through the 2016 Democratic Referendum or will Philip Hammond defeat him? The latest reporting on how much BREXIT has cost the United Kingdom suggests £66bn over the past three years.

Reference: The Week 7 June 2019

Let’s look at the facts and not the politically convenient arguments for either side.

  1. A democratic national referendum was held on Thursday 23 June 2016.
  2. Was the public provided detailed information by government about what leaving the European Union might mean. Particularly, was the possibility of leaving with World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules indicated?
    • Yes. See the booklet for yourself below (Link Below).
    • You will discover that the booklet highlighted the following:
      • The UK would need to make new deals with the EU.
      • Uncertainty would exist between the UK and EU over trade.
      • It would cost the taxpayer more to buy some goods.
      • It would take up to 10 years to build new trade deals with the EU.
    • It did not state the following:
      • The possibility of the UK’s ability to begin trading with countries outside the EU.
      • National Security will improve. Increased border controls with more staff will better identify illegal activities. This will come with an additional cost to the taxpayer.
      • Cheap labour from overseas will decline and force employers to pay a national minimum wage that will itself be reinvested into the economy instead of being sent abroad to support families overseas. The indigenous population will be better placed to find employment.
      • The national infrastructure will be granted a reprieve for improvements to be made without the loss or massive reductions in services that includes the National Health Service (NHS). A drop in demand related to cuts in immigration from the EU can only help the national current infrastructure gain time to be upgraded.
  3. Read the Government’s Booklet from 2016


Chris Grayling has kept his job and pay ( a healthy £77,379 as a Member of Parliament), even though he cost taxpayers £85m for incompetence. As one of his many employers I want him sacked!


Reference: Huffpost 10 July 2019 / The Telegraph 10 July 2019 / Independent 10 July 2019

Prisons are in dire need of a complete overhaul and because of overcrowding there is a staggering need for the construction of new prisons. Yet government ignores this matter and its serious and dangerous consequences for those employed to guard inmates.

Rory Stewart MP offered his resignation if he did not improve prison life within his own chosen timescale. Unsurprisingly, he was moved before the timescale ended to the post of Secretary of State for International Development. A plan to fool the British public by yet another government ministers unfolds. Was there ever any real possibility that Mr Stewart would resign?

Reference: Independent 2 May 2019 / The Metro 25 May 2019 / The Spectator 2 May 2019


This page is dedicated to highlighting the latest corruption scandals exposed in the United Kingdom. The only way to stop corruption of any kind, whether it is in government or elsewhere is to identify those responsible so that criminal proceedings can be initiated. The outcome should be a long prison sentence, especially for individuals employed in any public service.

The latest to be exposed today 5 July 2019 relates to the falsifying of signatures by some banks including the government owned UK Asset Resolution together with Northern Rock, Bradford & Bingley, Mortgage Express, and Lloyds Banking Group. All companies strongly deny the accusations.

In the United States a similar practice by banks was exposed that eventually resulted in huge fines and compensation.

If these allegations are proven then all those involved must be treated as criminals of a major criminal organisation. It cannot be argued that just one or two employees were exploiting their positions. If true this had to be orchestrated and managed. More than one high ranking individual had to plan the strategy and then introduce it to the system operated at each company. Any investigation must identify those at the top of this crime, the core criminals responsible cannot be allowed to escape to repeat their criminal activities again and again. Who the public can trust is becoming a guessing game that the public loses almost every time!

See BBC News Report / The Guardian / What’s on /

Bank Signature Forgery Campaign (Please include your name)


How did the Home Office get this so wrong?
Can the public trust this Government Department to know the rule of law in all cases before it acts?

This week the Home Office admitted to have unlawfully forced visa applicants to take DNA tests. Legal requirements state that DNA tests should always be provided voluntarily.

See: Civil Service World 14 June 2019 / The Telegraph 10 June 2019 /


Victims of a scam have been ordered by the Department of Works & Pensions to pay back fraudulent claims because their identities were falsely used by criminals who stole from the Universal Credit system.

Instead of the Department for Works & Pensions accepting that its own security protocols were insufficient to protect public money. They are now targeting victims of identity theft to recover their losses. This puts an incredibly difficult burden on families already financially stretched and should be feared as a new approach in the way government recovers financial losses from criminals because of its own failures to provide adequate protection. If allowed, this precedent could set the beginning of a means of recovery from victims that will permit government to never lose again no matter how ineffectual the security. Passing on responsibility to victims.


The Express 6 June 2019 / The Sun 28 May 2019

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