Lest We Forget

When does Chris Grayling’s incompetence not get in the way of even the most straightforward action? His mishandling of thousands charged illegal tribunal fees have not been repaid. I know this government detests handing money to genuine claimants, but there are thousands of them. Also, it really is because of Grayling’s incompetence which, you would think would shame him and those around him. Making quick repayment sensible to prevent dragging out the Minister’s shambles.

The Government netted £32m by Grayling getting things wrong. Which begs the question why is it that the government appears keen to take money, even when wrong to do so from individuals, but does not show the same enthusiasm when dealing with corporations. Could it be that individuals are unable in many instances to bring their own legal actions while corporations have a host of lawyers ready to resist. If true, these deliberate acts by government likely break every responsibility they claim to accept including fair and just treatment of citizens.

Revealed: Thousands Charged Illegal Tribunal Fees By Chris Grayling Still Awaiting Refund

In the Aftermath of the Banking Crisis

Why have cuts in government spending and nine years of austerity not manifested in a reduction of the National Debt?

In May 2010, the UK National Debt was £902bn (60% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP))

In May 2019, the UK National debt reached £1,806.1bn (82.9% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP))

References: Economics Help 13 June 2016  /  Economics Help 5 July 2019  /

The UK is rich in debt.

Where have all the savings made over the past 9 nine years gone?


How much was the rescue amount provided by the UK government to the banks?

  • The National Audit Office records reveal a total of £1,162bn
    • What is the value of £1,162bn in May 2019?
      • Cumulative inflation rate £1=£1.22 (2017)
      • This means that by 2017 the debt owed to the British public had risen because of inflation to £1,416,298,673.32
      • An increase of £254,298,673

How much have the banks repaid to the UK government?

  • £1,104bn

How much has the UK public lost by not forcing the banks to repay what they owe?  

  • Between £13-26bn for the sale of Royal bank of Scotland (RBS)
  • In total £58bn remains outstanding, without including the inflation increases that would make this figure £312,298,673.
  • Who gave the British government permission to simply ignore this stunning outstanding amount? In times of hardship when every penny counts to maintain fair taxation. Ignoring debts such as this is criminal.
  • What do you think?

Reference: Express 13-8-2017  /

A Candidate for the office of Prime Minister – Jeremy Hunt.

In April 2018 it was reported by The Daily Telegraph that Jeremy Hunt was in breach of anti-money laundering legislation by failing to declare his 50% interest in a property firm. This situation allowed him to purchase seven luxury flats at Alexandra Wharf, Southampton at a bulk discount.

Money Laundering is a criminal offence. Ignorance is not a defence. It is reasonable to argue that had Hunt been an ordinary citizen rather than a politician he would have been investigated by the police and charged. Inequality in the U.K. needs to begin at the top.

Questions for the public:

  1. Why is it plausible without a police investigation that such an eminent individual is allowed to claim that they ‘made a mistake’?
  2. Why does it require a Media investigation to identify and highlight wrongdoing by a public figure?
  3. Why aren’t investigations involving senior public servants or, wrongdoing by senior public servants drawn to the public’s attention by authority investigators?
  4. The public has a right to know because it pays handsomely for investigators to be in place. In 2017/18 IPSA cost the tax payer £7m to police MP expenses.

References: The Daily Telegraph 12-4-2018  / 

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