Where are the privileged indoctrinated into a mindset that engenders arrogance and sense of superiority?

Eton College is one of the most famous institutions for education in the United Kingdom and provides its former pupils with a powerful network i.e. the Old Etonian Association. With a history that dates back to 1897 encompassing approximately 16,000 members worldwide today it continues as a very active body of influence.

Why have we focused on Eaton? One in ten MPs have attended Eaton (The Independent 10 June 2017). David Cameron surrounded himself with Old Etonians and caused unrest in his own party (The Telegraph 14 March 2014).

Parliament needs to reflect society as a whole but with such a disproportionate number of privately educated incumbents from wealthy families sitting on both sides of the House that will never happen. Significantly, whatever mindset is taught at any private institution such as Eton is more likely to be strongly reflected at the Commons. This means the possibility of a narrow view being pursued rather than a broader perspective must be appreciably higher. This is likely to prove self-defeating because of obvious limitations with so many minds working in such a similarly indoctrinated way. Fresh ideas introduced from alternative sources that were schooled outside the private sector need to be given more of a hearing. Fresh ideas allow us to grow and develop not remain static which is what is happening in this country at the moment.

Academic arrogance needs to be put aside and common sense, that wonderful human trait so often missing from some very well-educated professionals, needs to be employed together with educated understanding. Only then might constructive progress be possible.

For those who would argue against me I will relate one of my personal experiences.

In 2007 I was posted to a new section in the civil service. From the outset my line manager was distant and by that, I mean apart from a welcoming handshake did not even provide me with an overview about how he envisaged us making this new section work. Something as his number two I needed to know. While we prepared for the section to ‘go live’ I advised my line manager against an action likely to cause disruption. He laughed at me and called my stupid for suggesting such a thing in front of a room full of other staff. A short time after what I had warned him about occurred and stopped work for a working week while costing an additional £20K to set things physically right. In all the cost and loss of work amounted to approximately £50k of public money. However, with everything back up and working I again advised my line manager not to make the same mistake twice. That would have been common sense.  Again, he ignored me and committed the very same mistake. A short time later a second failure occurred and after spending another £50k of public money was corrected. My line manager continued in his post with a slapped wrist. At the very least he should have been demoted. But his background, influential wife also employed by the civil service in a higher post than him saw to he remained unscathed by his own incompetence. Had he cost a commercial enterprise £100k over a lack of common sense he would have been sacked. Wasting public money when in public service is handled in an unequal manner. If a civil servant has an influential background, they can escape redress if not they are dealt with in the same way expected in the commercial sector. Such inequality is not only unfair it is dangerous and counter-productive to efficiency and the maintenance of good relations between management and staff.

If you have experienced an incident in which you witnessed the unnecessary waste of public money through management incompetence, please tell us.

Additionally, if you have suffered abuse at the hands of management please tell us.

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