Why I Created This Blog

How an employer treats its employees reflects society. How a government employer treats its employees must be viewed as the role model for all other employers to follow. For that reason, prejudicial, unwarranted and poor duty-of-care treatment by a government employer needs more public scrutiny if the values of a society can be properly assessed as being followed. Transparency of the management of all administrative employees including those found in classified arenas need to be public. Doing so is the only way to prevent abuse and illegal acts from being committed by managerial staff towards them. Additionally, for society to protect itself from those in authority willing to abuse their positions the significance of credible whistle blowers cannot be ignored. Individuals willing to challenge authority when it is in the wrong need protection from further abuse. This goes for those employed outside of government as well with access readily available when needed.

All government departments should therefore have access to an independent arbiter and credible staff representatives (free from managerial intimidation). Mini-Dictatorships by senior managers must not be allowed to suppress the truth.

Hypocrisy is rife within government my personal experiences have made me very concerned and motivated my resolve to attempt to expose just how bad it is. This is not the vision of a democratic fair society that I spent working towards over the past 41 years. Inequality is on the rise, authority figures act as if they are above the law with behavior echoing that of despots.

Too many including the sick and disabled have been systematically demonized by this government since 2010. It’s as if those in power feel free to slander and ridicule others unable to defend themselves, none more so than in the workplace. Such divisiveness was bound to create a vicious atmosphere in our country something that has become all too clear with a rise in the number of murders in London. Trust in authority across the country is arguably at its lowest in more than one hundred years. After forty plus years working in it I know that I have lost any faith in a system that leans heavily towards helping a small minority while the rest of us scramble for survival.

It is my hope that where no accountability in relation to senior management within the civil service exists apart from an internal structure that is in my experience badly flawed. That it will be possible by highlighting genuine failures of the current structure to bring about change for the better and by doing so, offer support to all employed in the civil service the type of safety net they deserve to deter management abuse. This is particularly necessary in arenas that attract the Official Secrets Act (OSA). Often used to deny fair treatment even when it has nothing whatever to do with national security. An independent body needs to be created to investigate the claims of subordinates working in classified areas who allege wrongdoing by line or senior management. Whenever their claims do not equate to breaching the OSA. For example, where an employee is stalked by a management figure who abuses his position to bully them for personal reasons.

Trust in management has to be earned. It can no longer be taken for granted because too many times management has failed to adhere to the values they themselves are meant to represent.

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